Teacher vacancies

Are you a good teacher? If you think you can teach better than most other teachers then this is your place.

Sri Lanka Online School is for teaching -
Cambridge syllabi - Grades 5 to 12
Sri Lanka National syllabi - O/L and A/L

Currently this School is teaching Computer Science only.

How it works: Entire course will be conducted on-line. Students are enrolled to their respective courses by the Administrator. The respective teachers use MOODLE to create the relevant courses for each class. Those teachers who do not know how to use MOODLE, will be offered a free basic training course.

Students are given unique usernames and passwords to log-in to their respective course pages. Zoom Meeting is used for online lessons. The teacher shall record each lesson and upload the video to the course page.

The teacher shall create lesson material and post to the course page. Assignments and quizzes shall be posted and answers shall be corrected by the teacher and grading given.

Usually classes are held once a week. Classes are of two hours duration for O/L and A/L and one hour for others.

Students will pay tuition fees on-line directly to the teacher. Group class fees as well as individual fees will be standard and published.

If you are interested, please phone 0765576713 or send an email to: admin@srilankaonlineschool.com

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